The KineSophy Mindfulness Series

The KineSophy Mindfulness SeriesThe KineSophy Mindfulness Series grew out of requests from readers and a realization that I could not satisfy their curiosity with my perspective alone.

In response to popular demand for an article on mindfulness and a recent burst of inspiration, I wrote about my personal experience with mindfulness on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. But as I thought about and wrote that piece, I realized that my experience would not connect with everyone who read my article. A topic like mindfulness, which is both personal and not easily described, requires a multitude of voices. Readers bring so much of their own preconceptions to a topic like mindfulness. As a result, different writers with different perspectives will connect better with different readers.

With these considerations in mind, I decided to expand my article into an entire Mindfulness Series. This series will span several months and include pieces from a variety of writers in different fields. Current articles in The KineSophy Mindfulness Series appear below in chronological order of publication date.