A more detailed guide on how to lift heavy objects from DPT Kelly Starrett of MobilityWOD: Coming 2/1, why humans should do so.

Did Mom Steer You Wrong?

We’ve all heard the common refrain “lift with your legs—not your back” or seen images like this one on the side of a heavy box: [1] But such advice can be misleading. According to Mark Rippentoe, whose career as a former competitive powerlifter and current strength coach and author is … Read more

More on obesity and society: Should governments tax citizens based on body mass index?Satire or the Policy of the Future? Full article to come on this topic.

Does obesity, as a medical condition, confer certain rights on overweight individuals? Should other passengers subsidize an extra seat for the obese in the same way they subsidize on-board defibrillators? Air Canada’s Policy on Obese Flyers At what point does a serious medical condition become the responsibility of others? Woman … Read more