Interview with Juliet Starrett of Standup Kids

Juliet Starrett of Standup Kids talks about the benefits of standing desks

I have discussed the connections between cognitive function and physical movement and health in several previous articles (see especially “Fitness and Intelligence,” “Fitness, Cognitive Performance and Longevity Redux” and “Cognitive Ability and Physical Performance“). In this piece, I welcome some further insight on the subject from Juliet Starrett, founder of Standup … Read more

Interview with Laps filmmaker R.J. Lozada

R.J. Lozada is an award-winning multi-media journalist and filmmaker who explores and engages multiple diasporas. He earned an MFA in Documentary Film and Video from Stanford University, where he produced four short films: Justice is a Warm Cupcake, Andy’s Youth, Distance Between, and Laps, a documentary about the San Quentin … Read more