Book Review: Ready to Run by Kelly Starrett and T.J. Murphy

4/5 Stars Physical therapist, CrossFit coach and best-selling author Dr. Kelly Starrett partners with longtime endurance magazine editor T.J. Murphy to address the problems of runners across all sports. Given that 80% of runners injure themselves each year, a new perspective on the capacities required for the movement is long … Read more

How does marijuana affect athletic performance?

Amidst the relaxation of general legal restrictions on marijuana use, the drug remains banned by most athletic organizations. But can marijuana actually improve athletic performance? A one-man case study published in Outside magazine suggests the drug can increase pain tolerance and fearlessness, offering potential benefits in sports like endurance running … Read more

The Final Piece of the KineSophy Puzzle

In previous KineSophy articles, I have discussed three ethical precepts of human movement, explored the complementary relationship between physical fitness andother scalable, secondary virtues, and derived secondary virtues, including those related to fitness, from the non-scalable, primary ethical virtue of human inviolability. To complete the picture of ethics I sketched … Read more