The Baseball PED Debate in Contemporary Philosophy

A year ago, I wrote an article about the grounds on which the Baseball Hall of Fame can exclude suspected users of performance enhancing drugs, and the rights other public and private institutions have in regards to limiting membership. In the May/June 2014 issue of Philosophy Now, Darrin Belousek offers a … Read more

PTSD and Crossfit

Continuing with the theme of this month’s main article, here is the first installment in a series on British Army veteran Mike Burgess, his struggles with PTSD and initiation into Crossfit.

PTSD, MMA and the Bully Argument

I have suggested a similarity between action in physical fitness and virtuous action. Both require a notion of self, a notion of control over the situation and a notion of value. Given these shared criteria, I believe practicing physical fitness can strengthen moral and other non-moral virtues. Conversely, acting virtuously … Read more