The Employment Status of College Athletes

Yesterday (3/26/2014), the National Labor Relations Board in Chicago ruled that Northwestern University football players are employees of the university and can form a union. Do you agree with the NLRB’s decision? Are college athletes employees of their college or university? Yes No Created on Mar 27, 2014 View Results … Read more

Fitness and Intelligence, Expanded

In addition to the studies I wrote about last month, further testimonies indicate outdoor exercise and overall fitness can increase creativity, goal-oriented behavior, decision-making, and even the amount of money you earn: Training your brain for creativity

Sitting and Physical Disability

Previous studies have already demonstrated links between increased sitting and diabetes, cardiovascular disease and early mortality. Now new research shows each additional hour of sitting over the course of a day is correlated with a 50% increase in the risk of becoming physically disabled.


            In January, I presented research demonstrating the relationship between physical fitness and mental acuity. In doing so, I highlighted one of complementary bonds between secondary virtues. But what of virtues beyond fitness and intelligence? What is the relationship between fitness and other-directed, social virtues? There … Read more