“A healthier society is a happier society.” – Ultra-marathoner Dean Karnazes Is a happier society a more moral society?

The Shape of Things to Come

Dear Kinesophites:           The first three months of this blog have served as an introduction to the topics I intend to discuss in this forum. My takes on deadlifting and The Myth of Sisyphus were intended to provide a first glimpse into the interplay between ethics and health … Read more

Aldous Huxley on Inactivity

“I do muscular work, because I have muscles; and if I don’t use my muscles I shall become a bad-tempered sitting-addict … Western intellectuals are all sitting-addicts. That’s why most of you are so repulsively unwholesome. In the past even a duke had to do a lot of walking, even … Read more

Government Effects on Health

The vast majority of Americans say public health policies by the Center for the Disease Control and other government agencies do a “good” or “excellent” job addressing public health issues.Americans want government to promote good health — sometimesWhat do you think? How does the government rate on its health policies? … Read more

Obesity and Society

Ray Lewis, BMI: 31.7. Are you going to call him obese?1,2             Obesity: the condition of an adult having a body mass index (BMI; equal to weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters) of 30 or higher. Though BMI does not … Read more